Flanking regions of beta-lactamase genes

Interactive plots of the +/- 5kb flanking regions around beta-lactamase genes, as analysed in Shaw and Neher (2023). For details, see the manuscript.

Homology block plots:

How to use
These show a linear representation of the flanking regions (+/- 5kb) around the focal gene.
'Full' show all sequences analysed; 'reduced' only those with unique block patterns.
Sequence blocks are coloured by inferred sequence homology (grey=unique block, only occurs once in one sequence in dataset).
Click on a block to highlight that block; hold shift and click to select multiple blocks.
Double-click to unselect blocks.
Y-axis order of sequences is determined by pairwise Jaccard index in terms of blocks.
Annotations of CDS can be toggled on/off using the checkbox at bottom.
Mouseover gives more information on homology block or CDS annotation.
Note: annotation information is imported from NCBI files and only includes CDS that start/end within +/- 1kb of the end of the flanking region. We're aware of some issues this causes already: if you notice one, please do get in touch!

Breakpoint distance distributions: